• Bill The Smart Guy 2005

    Okay, i'm gonna apoligise (sorry if i spelled it wrong) for spamming my Sonic OC on the Greeny Phatom wiki, but i still find it hillarious that i was banned of a friccin Sonic OC.

    Sorry TimeBomb, i'm sorry, and i'm gonna say that not everything on the wiki is real, and you said, BILL CIPHER THE HEDGEHOG DOES NOT EXSIST YOU VEGAN PACIFIST!

    Wow, and also, i'm not a vegan.

    i'm gonna move the Bill shit to Billpedia


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  • CoinHunter12

    Each wiki must have the same amount of articles, so bring the pages from the GPW to this wiki.

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  • BilbooftheBaggins

    Five Nights at Greeny Phatom's Studio 2 is a sequel of "Five Nights at Greeny Phatom's Studio." This time, it takes place in Greenywood Studios.

    • Grayscale Little Guy (Night 1)
    • Nightmare Geo Guy (Night 2)
    • Little Guy 3 (Night 2) (Balloon Boy)
    • Withered Photo-Negative Little Guy (Night 3)
    • Withered Beanson (Night 3)
    • Withered Santed Sailor (Night 3)
    • Withered Photo-Negtive Little Girl (Night 4)
    • Withered Dr. PBS (Night 5)
    • Golden Little Guy (Night 6) (Golden Freddy)
    • Shadow Little Guy (Shadow Freddy)
    • Shadow Little Girl (Shadow Bonnie)
    • Barney the Dinosaur (Night Guard)

    Your office has two air vents that can be casted light upon and a main hallway that can be flashed by using a light. You can equip the Photo-Negative Little Guy Head on to fool other suits.

    CAM 01: …

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  • DTSFactory

    Title says all. Also, help me with the Greeny LOL Wiki.

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