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Hello! I'm Dr. Beanson, the one of a kind soldier that brings you this message.
Dr. Beanson
File:334px-Dr. Beanson.png
Dr. Beanson is a soldier in Greeny Phatom. He appears in the Greeny Phatom intro that is not used on all Greeny Phatom intros. In 1996, Dr. Beanson had his own spin-off, called Dr. Beanson.                                                                           
File:250px-Dr. Beanson Greeny Phatom.png


  • He appears in the Greeny Phatom intro that is not used on all Greeny Phatom intros.
  • Dr. Beanson's first notable appearance in Greeny Phatom is "Pube Beanson goes to Showbiz Pizza Place". This episode is about Dr. Beanson and the Beansons playing at Showbiz Piza Place.

Trivia Edit

  • His quote is "Hello, I am Dr. Beanson, The One of a kind Soldier, that brings you this message." He lives with his mother, Dr. Mother, and his brother, Doctor (known as Dr.).
  • He has a orange head and black eyes, mustache, and a light blue hat.
  • In the final episode called "Start-To-Read Signs With Little Guy" he doesn't appear in this episode.
  • He also appears on Dr. Beanson, a spin-off.
  • He also appears on Greeny Phatom Shorts (1992).
  • He also appears on the New Greeny Phatom episode "The New Greeny Phatom Team meets The Greeny Phatom Team".
  • He is voiced by Jason Lee, but in the Japanese dub he is voiced by Masaya Matsukaze.


  • Little Guy
  • Dr.
  • Geo Guy
  • Dr. PBS
  • Green Bob
  • Lucas Guy
Gree GuyEdit



  • Santed Sailor
  • Gree Guy (formerly)
  • Pingux2012

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