Gramgel "Gree Guy" Eerkar Gunapow is the main character in Gree City and a a very minor protagonist in Greeny Phatom. He's also an antagonist in Geo's World. He is the most hated person in Greeny Phatom. He is voiced by Gree G.

File:Gree guy got milk.png


Gree Guy is a Norwegian who loves women, and can speak Norwegian to them.


NOTE: According to Robert Stainton, the orgin of Gree Guy is unknown.


Foes Edit



Gree Guy appears in almost every episode.


Gree Guy appears as a police in Greeny Phatom The Movie and its sequel.

Video gamesEdit

Gree Guy appears as an antagonist in 2001-present Greeny Phatom games.

Note from Ultraboldore72

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