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GreenyCon is a fan convention and employee convention catering primarily to fans and employees of the Greenytoons and Greenyworld Studios companies.

Among the people at the 2014 convention (the first ever one) was Geo G., Robert Stainton, Crystal Stainton, Glaceon Waterflower Jr., Neve. G. Irvine, TheChromePerson, Bingbang32, CoinHunterCameron12, ToonLinkMinions11, KindheartedKeeganFromROBLOXTjsWorld2011, and many others.

The first ever GreenyCon took place in Boston, Massachusetts, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and the Jillian's Lucky Strike right behind Fenway Park, also in Boston.

The second GreenyCon will take place in Hollywood, California and Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Convention Center and the studio building of Klasky Csupo.

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