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Greeny Phatom Universe
Developer(s) Edge of Reality
Publisher(s) WayForward Technologies
Distributor(s) Balls
Engine GeoBob Engine 4[1], Havok
Platform(s) PS3/PS4/Vita, XBox 360/One, PC/Mac, 3DS
Released Feburary 5, 2015
Genre(s) Action
Ratings (ESRB) T (PEGI) 12
Media DVD, game card, Blu-Ray, digital download
System requirements 12 GB space, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista and above, Intel Core 2 Duo (i5 recommended)

Title cover notes

Greeny Phatom Universe is a 2015 Greeny Phatom video game developed by Edge of Reality, produced by WayForward Technologies and distributed by Balls on all platforms. It was released on Feburary 5, 2015. The game serves as a crossover with Little Guy and The Mystery to New York and the 22nd season.[1]


Gree Guy plans to take over the Greeny World.

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PS3/XBox 360/XBox One/PS VitaEdit

The PS3/XBox 360/XBox One/PS Vita versions was developed by Activision and produced by Greenyworld Games. The PS3/PS4 versions are compatible with Playstation Move motion controllers. The XBox versions are compatble with the Kinect.


The PC/Mac versions is exclusive to Steam, and is developed by Ubisoft and produced by WayForward.


The 3DS version is developed by EA, and is produced by Brainworkz Games.

Wii UEdit

The Wii U version is developed by Edge of Reality, and is produced by Greenyworld Games.

Controller mappingEdit

PS3/PS4/PS VitaEdit

  • Left Stick: Move
  • Right Stick: Move Camera
  • X: Jump
  • Circle: Action
  • Square: Attack
  • Triangle: Special (usually combined with R2)
  • R1: Change Weapon
  • D-pad Up/Down: Accessory Up/Down
  • D-pad Left/Right: Dash
  • L1: Block
  • L2: Trigger
  • L3: Change View
  • R1: Boost
  • R2: Special Trigger
  • R3: Combine
  • Select: PDA

XBox consolesEdit

  • Left Stick: Move
  • Right Stick: Move Camera
  • A: Jump
  • B: Action
  • X: Attack
  • Y: Special (usually combined with RT)
  • RB: Change Weapon
  • D-pad Up/Down: Accessory Up/Down
  • D-pad Left/Right+RB: Dash
  • LB: Block
  • LT: Trigger
  • D-pad Left/Right: Change View
  • LB+LT: Boost
  • RB+RT: Combine
  • RT: Special Trigger
  • Back: PDA


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