This page descibes the animation process for Greeny Phatom, its movies and other GP-related material.


First, episode storyboards would be drawn with Microsoft Paint, then put into WMM for editing. When done, the episode can be uploaded. Easy, right?

Season 1-10Edit

First, episode storyboards would be drawn with MS Paint, then put into Sony Vegas 9 for editing and uploading. The AT&T voices can be grabbed from the demo.

Season 10-21Edit

Season 10 features a brand new animation style, with storyboards drawn with then put into Sony Vegas for editing and uploading.

Season 22-so onEdit

Season 22 features a whole new animation style, with episodes being made with Adobe Flash, GoAnimate, MS Paint,, Scratch, Sony Vegas, WMM, EpocCam (both the iPad app and the Windows EXE for the EpocCam drivers), Bandicam, Audacity, Blender and Cinema 4D.

Opening titlesEdit

The opening titles is made with MS Paint.


Episodes are composed of the following parts:

2D scenesEdit

2D scenes are made with, Scratch, Adobe Flash and GoAnimate.

3D scenesEdit

3D scenes are made with Blender.

Fighting scenesEdit

Fighting scenes are made with a mixture of the above.


Audio is edited with Audacity and Sony Vegas.


Audio is edited with Audacity and Sony Vegas, and video is edited with Adobe Flash, WMM, Sony Vegas, Cinema 4D, Bandicam, GoAnimate and Debut Video Capture software for IRL footage of the creator via EpocCam.

Closing titlesEdit

Closing titles are made with either Adobe Flash, Sony Vegas, Scratch, GoAnimate or WMM.

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