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Little Girl is a character in Greeny Phatom. She could be described as one of the first females in Greeny Phatom. Little Girl is Little Guy's sister. She sometimes likes Little Guy. Little Girl is voiced by Georgia Denney. Her first appearance is The Offical Lip Dub, where she had a cameo having a conversation with Little Guy, until Santed Sailor interrupted the conversation. Santed Sailor Pushed Little Guy and Little Girl down.

In the episode "Dr. Beanson's Best Nighty Day Adventure Ever", Little Girl makes a cameo in the episode, waking up after the Russian music stopped playing.

She is Glaceon's girlfriend as of the 22nd season and GlaceonTheVHSRipper2's World's current (2015) season.

Little Girl's creationEdit

When studies were conducted around the show, it was found to be lacking female characters.

Robert Stainton immediately contacted a team of character designers lead by Gene Deitch in Prague to help him create female characters. The first character created was Little Girl. Little Girl became the only Greeny Phatom character marketed to young girls. Little Girl, at first, didn't speak, but it wasn't until when Georgia Denney took over as the voice of Little Girl that her character truly began to take shape.

Other voice actorsEdit

Little Girl was voiced by Crystal Stainton in Greeny Phatom Kart.

In the cancelled episode "Crossing Around The Railroad", which is included in the Cancelled Episodes disc in the Greeny Phatom DVD Pack from Mill Creek Entertainment, her voice, unlike most episodes, is slightly higher than usual, because the sound crew was messing around and pitched up her voice.

In the Greeny Phatom Live tours, she was voiced by Denise Oliver.

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