Moctor's Switchback Railway (reporting mark MSR) is a railroad company in the United States which operates between Greenyville, New York and Union City, New Jersey. The railroad originally went to Bay Ridge, Brookyln, New York. Now half of the line is used by the R (New York City Subway service).

The line is used every weekday, Saturday, and Sunday between Greenyville, Utica, some parts of Brooklyn, New York, and upon request in Union City, New Jersey. The track, which runs over swamp ground for much of its length, is in exceptionally poor repair, having had no major maintenance since completion. New owners D/R describe the line as "in dire need of rehabilitation". From January 2013 onward Dillydale Railroads (reporting mark DR) has been doing extreme repair work replacing decayed cross ties and broken pieces of rail.

There are two interchanges, one with Norfolk Southern in Utica and the other with CSX near the ABC Warehouse. The railroad also operates some trackage in Union City that leads to a Mega Market shipping center.

The railroad was part of RKO Holdings but they sold this railroad to private investors. It was originally a main line as part of the Baltimore & Ohio's trackage in New York and a part of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company's rail lines.

The line between the city and Brookyln was acquired with funding from the MTA Reinvention Commission.

The railroad was purchased by Dillydale Railroads on December 28, 2012, and they have announced the intention to repair and extend it.

Motive PowerEdit

  • 2 ex-CSX MOW EMD SD40-2's
  • 1 ex-Canadian Pacific non-streamlined 4-6-4 H1b Hudson (restored to it's original CP colors, but with the Canadian Pacific text changed to "Moctor's Switchback Railway").