Robert Stainton is the creator of Greeny PhatomJeb City, and Greeny Phatom: The Xperience. He was also the inventor of Greenytoons. He had re-founded Greenyworld Studios in 1997.

Robert Stainton playes the voices of Little Guy, Santed Sailor, and Little Guy 8.

Robert lives in Utica, New York with his daughter Crystal Stainton, his five sons Abdul Stainton, George Stainton, Daniel Stainton, Robert "Jake" Stainton, Jr., and Mike Stainton, along with his pet Serbian husky, Robbie, and his pet bird, Mags at the GreenyVille Ranch.

History Edit

He was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 2, 1932. As a kid, he enjoyed drawing ants, and he loved looking at videos in German (this obsession is what inspired the 1995 television series Greeny Phatom). Robert Stainton created alot of classic cartoons ever since, such as his short lived series Dr. Beanson.

After Dr. Beanson was cancelled he had to focus on making more Greeny Phatom episodes.

In 2004, he signed a contract with Fox Animation to syndicate Greeny Phatom on saturday nights. (for a short time.)

In 2009, half a day after the first, official and only airing of the controversial episode, Ofcom said that Robert Stainton is dumb, no matter what, but we don't agree with Ofcom that much, we still like Robert, we just didn't like it when he was drunk and decided to make it.

And he was the uncredited Supervising Animator for Hotel Transylvania.

He also helped Michael Wildshill to create shows and games like New Super Pikachu Bros. series (mashup/crossover game franchise with Minecraft, Portal, Mario, Pokemon etc and The Axaxins (thriller series about brother-and-sister assassins).

In 2013, Robert Stainton's Greenyworld Studios in conjunction with Mike Bluth's Bluth Entertainment is currently in production on the new incubator animation show coming to GoAnimate called Heck Yeah! Cartoons, formerly Oh Yeah! Cartoons, but changed due to copyright issues, since Oh Yeah! Cartoons was already a show that was owned by Viacom/Nickelodeon.