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  • I live in a Hobbit hole in Bag End
  • My occupation is staying in my hole, doing stuff.
  • I am Male
  • BilbooftheBaggins

    Five Nights at Greeny Phatom's Studio 2 is a sequel of "Five Nights at Greeny Phatom's Studio." This time, it takes place in Greenywood Studios.

    • Grayscale Little Guy (Night 1)
    • Nightmare Geo Guy (Night 2)
    • Little Guy 3 (Night 2) (Balloon Boy)
    • Withered Photo-Negative Little Guy (Night 3)
    • Withered Beanson (Night 3)
    • Withered Santed Sailor (Night 3)
    • Withered Photo-Negtive Little Girl (Night 4)
    • Withered Dr. PBS (Night 5)
    • Golden Little Guy (Night 6) (Golden Freddy)
    • Shadow Little Guy (Shadow Freddy)
    • Shadow Little Girl (Shadow Bonnie)
    • Barney the Dinosaur (Night Guard)

    Your office has two air vents that can be casted light upon and a main hallway that can be flashed by using a light. You can equip the Photo-Negative Little Guy Head on to fool other suits.

    CAM 01: …

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